Kinve Solar 200MW PV Vertically Integrated Industry Park Starting Ceremony

29th, Nov, starting ceremony of Kinve Solar 200MW vertically integrated industry park was held in Maanshan. Secretary of Party, Labor Committee and Chairman of Administrative Commission of Maanshan ETDZ, Ma Shaohua and other leaders, Standard Chartered Bank China Co,. LTD, Nanjing Institute of Architectural Design, Tian Zheng Group, Jiangsu Jing Zhi, Nanjing Ren Bo, Wuhu Guang Da attended the starting ceremony.

Kinve Solar 200MW PV vertically integrated park was located in Maanshan ETDZ, Anhui, covering 99 acres, total building area up to 60202 square meters. It is a PV integrated project which involves in ingot, wafer, cell, module and application system.
Kinve Solar will reach the capacity of 270t Mono-silicon ingot, 1300t Poly-silicon ingot, 56.52 million pieces wafer, 200MW cell and 200MW module after the completion. It is predicted that this project would be build and put into use in Nov, 2012.

Facing the drastic fluctuation of global PV market, Kinve Solar has strong faith in the ability of risk-controlling. The building of the new project is a key step of Kinve Solar’s strategic layout. The project has great effect on the R&D, production and sales of Kinve Solar. It will promote the development of Kinve Solar in the global market.

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