one module one dream

Now, China has more than 15 million poor children; the children in poor area grow slowly. Compared with the standard of W.H.O, The percent of poor children in low weight is 12%-367%, and the percent in slow growth is six times than that of children in city. Lack of nutrition is the main reason that these children’s height and intelligence grow slowly. The negative effects are irreversible, and would be with them forever.

We promise that every time when we sell a module, we would donate one egg to the poor children. We hope that our action could bring a healthy and happy childhood to more poor children. We also hope that our sincerity could arouse more people to pay attention to charity, to the healthy growth of next generation.

This charity activity has been carried out in Nanjing Yaohua Migrant Workers’ Children Primary School  which has 257 poor students. Every day, we donate every one of these children one egg to improve their nutritions. This donation will continue for a very long time and expand the donation range.  






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